How it Works

1. Form Submission

First, before anything else, you need to submit our online form so that we can obtain your details. We need to know where we can contact you to follow up on your application. We also need to know how much you need to borrow, so we can let you know our decision.

We will send an email to your guarantor to let them know that you applied, and you needed their help. After that, you can relax and simply wait for their confirmation.

2. Guarantor’s Confirmation

After you send in your application to us, we will contact your guarantor and send them a unique PIN code which they will use to log in to our website. Ideally, you should have already talked to the guarantor beforehand, so they won’t be surprised if we send them an email.

3. Signing of the Credit Agreement

If your guarantor was able to submit all the requirements, and agrees to push through with the application, then it’s almost done! Your guarantor just have to sign the electronic credit agreement, and then wait until your cash becomes available.

4. Payment of Funds

Once the credit agreement is signed, the only thing left is to send out the money. The cash will be sent directly to the guarantor’s bank account in order to make sure they are aware that the money is available. Afterwards, you two will just have to arrange the transfer of funds. The speed depends on your own bank’s policy.

After that, the repayments will be automatically deducted from your debit card monthly. It’s easy and hassle-free, because you won’t even have to visit us to send the payments!